A smart, sustainable and new generation of rail system

A mobilizing collective action

The FERROVIA 4.0 project aims to address the technological and market challenges that the railway sector has faced, involving companies and entities from the R&I System led by EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas and by the Portuguese Railway Platform Cluster.

Sustainability of the Portuguese railway system

It is the ambition of this project to develop different components, tools, and systems designed for the economic and ecological sustainability of the railway system, for the reduction of operating and maintenance costs, for the creation of reliable information systems to support decision-making in asset management, and for the creation of security systems capable of monitoring the infrastructure and triggering alerts and protection/intervention measures.

Context of the railway sector in Portugal

Project impact on the railway sector

Innovative activities of industrial research, experimental development and demonstration of new solutions, with contribution to the acceleration of the national railway industrial development and to international recognition and promotion of cooperation opportunities.

The promotion of R&I as an engine for the creation of value and a differentiating factor from the competition will allow the sector to grow sustainably, creating new jobs and generating wealth for the country.

This project is aligned with:

European Transport Agenda – European Year of Rail Transport 2021

2030 National Investment Program

Overall objective

Testing the components, tools and developed systems in real vehicles and infrastructure in order to increase the competitiveness and quality of the rail transport service, considering four intervention axes

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